BioPhotonics Engineering Laboratory  


 Donghyun Kim

research group

Recent Research

Decoding emitter positions in the proximity of metallic structures was enabled by axially defocused images of a single fluorescent emitter [J133, 2023].

Switchable plasmonic nanostructure engineering techniques were reviewed [J132, 2023].  

Defocused point localization mapped accumulation (DePLOMA) was used to generate 3D near-field maps of light distribution [J125, 2022]. 

Nanospeckle illumination microscopy (NanoSIM) was used to produce super-resolution [J114, 2021].

Plasmonic localization may enhance fluorescence correlation spectroscopy [J113, 2021]. 

Plasmon enhanced surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy may produce super-resolution [J107, 2020].