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Research Portfolio

We study optical engineering for biomedical applications, aiming mainly to serve pursuing new frontiers of biosciences research. Projects that we are working on include:

Bioimaging Projects (with a gallery of images)

Cell imaging by SUPRA TIRFM
  • Super-resolution imaging and tracking of intracellular and molecular dynamics using plasmonic localization

Total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy uses evanescent waves formed under the total internal reflection condition to provide extremely fine depth resolution that is typically smaller than 100 nm. In this project, we intend to address the improvement of lateral and axial resolution by surface plasmon-enhanced microscopy.

  1. Field enhancement
  2. Surface plasmon enhanced randomly activated (SUPRA) TIRFM
  3. Plasmonics-based spatially activated light microscopy (PSALM)
  4. Nanoscale localization sampling of microtubules (NLS)
  5. Bacterial gliding
  6. Mitochondrial movement in neurons
Neuron on plasmonic nanopost arrays
Angle evaporated LSPR

  • Highly sensitive SPR biosensors by surface-enhanced localization of plasmons

Surface plasmon represents a longitudinal electron concentration wave formed at a dielectric/metal interface. Its resonance is sensitive to molecular changes on the surface and has been utilized as a biosensing technique since 1980s. In this study, we investigate the enhancement of plasmon detection sensitivity by surface modulation with nanostructures.

  1. Surface nanostructure-based sensitivity enhancement
  2. Target co-localization
  3. Combination with metallic nanoparticles
ISFODS schematic

  • Portable fluorescence detection for cell-based biochips in situ

There have been numerous studies using cell-based assays that maintain dynamic fluidic environment. We intend to develop optical detection systems for measuring the assays in situ with both 2-D and 3-D cell cultures.

  1. Epi-fluorescence measurement of monolayer culture
  2. Epi-fluorescence measurement of 3D culture
  3. Single-axis 3D fluorescence measurement of 3D culture

Other Projects

  • Polarimetry (polarization sensing)

This project is mainly focused on the performance studies of wire-grid polarizers (WGP). Since WGPs are planar in structure and can be integrated to standard optical devices, they are potentially useful for applications, such as displays.

  1. Feasibility
  2. Properties, characteristics, and design issues

Image of electronic holography
  • 3-D holographic imaging: a dream that never dies
  • Optical sensor networks
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